Travel Conditions – Tropical Sea Angling

(The trips are arranged through Nordic Sea Angling AB)


These travel conditions together with other information found at, brochures, offers, itinerary and other travel documents constitute an agreement between the customer and Nordic Sea Angling AB, org. no. 556658-0642.


Our trips are arranged by Nordic Sea Angling AB in collaboration with hotels, fishing camps, bus companies, airline companies and other operators.


Registration to a trip is binding for a customer upon payment of the deposit. The registration is legally binding for Nordic Sea Angling upon reception of the predetermined deposit amount from the customer before the expiry date specified of the invoice. In the event of full occupancy the date at which we registered the deposit will be the determining factor.

Flight tickets and information is sent to the customer approx. 1-2 months prior to departure unless otherwise stated. If registration takes place less than 90 days prior to departure the trip is paid in full at the time of registration. It is expected that the customer is familiar with general information about climatic conditions at the destination.


A deposit for 30 % of the total price of the trip exclusive airline tickets shall be paid for a legally binding to the trip, if nothing else is stated on the invoice. If registration is done later than 90 days prior departure date of the trip, the total amount of the trip shall be paid directly.


If flight tickets are not included in the package price, it will be charged upon the booking of the flight ticket, unless the customer himself informs us that he will arrange the air transport himself. Nordic Sea Angling invoices the expected price of the air ticket at the time when Nordic Sea Angling finds it right to book it. Should the price of the flight ticket exceed the expected price upon booking by more than 20%, Nordic Sea Angling will contact the customer to obtain his approval of the price increase. If the customer does not approve the price increase, he / she has the right to cancel the trip and have the full amount, including deposit refunded.

For flight tickets purchased by Nordic Sea Angling on behalf of customers, the individual airlines terms and conditions are applied regarding cancellation, changes and similar circumstances. Nordic Sea Angling undertakes no responsibility for air transport and acts only as an intermediary between the organizer of the flight and the customer.


The remaining amount of the total price must be Nordic Sea Angling at hand no later than 90 days prior to departure. If this amount is not paid it will be treated as a cancellation. Expiry date for final payment is specified on the final invoice.


The package price includes the activities that have been specified for each individual destination on the website or on the invoice. Additional activities are listed under Tropical Sea Angling’s price list.


All taxes and fees that can or must be paid before the trip are included in the price. However, in many countries there are flight or tourist taxes that must be paid in cash upon arrival. The individual countries can change or introduce new taxes or fees without or at short notice. The customer cannot claim a refund of any fees for such taxes or fees.


All agreements on special arrangements, for example, special room types, meals, transfers must be clearly stated on the travel documents in order to be valid. If the customer is a member of one or several airline bonus programs, car rental companies etc. Nordic Sea Angling undertakes no responsibility for whether earned bonus points are registered on a trip or not.


In the event of changes from customer after paid deposit, Nordic Sea Angling will charge the actual cost of this + an administration fee in cases where it is possible to implement the change. For example, if it’s not possible to change an already ordered flight ticket, the customer will be responsible for all additional costs to change it.


Each individual participant is responsible for holding relevant and valid insurance. Cancellation insurance is recommended if you become ill. The customer is responsible for covering the costs of any illness. Therefore, it is recommended that the customer have a travel insurance that covers the costs of accidents or death, treatment of illness, home transportation and damaged or lost luggage.


Unless otherwise stated:

  • If the customer cancel later than 12 months prior to departure, no part of the deposit amount will be refunded, excluding any flight ticket.
  • If the customer cancels earlier than 12 months before departure, 50% of the deposit will be refunded, excluding any flight ticket.
  • If the customer cancels later than 4 months before departure, the customer cannot demand a refund of the paid amount.
  • Should a package trip, a hotel reservation or any other activity be subject to other cancellation terms, Nordic Sea Angling is responsible for informing this during the booking.
  • If an flight ticket is included in the arrangement, this cannot be refunded if it is already issued at the time of cancellation. In such cases, the paid flight ticket is the customer’s property, even though the customer cancels the other arrangement.
  • Should the final invoice not be paid within 14 days of the first reminder from Nordic Sea Angling, then it’s considered as a cancelation. Nordic Sea Angling is then entitled to cancel the trip from the supplier and / or sell the trip to a new party. This means that any deposit that the customer paid is considered forfeited (excluding any paid flight ticket which is the customer’s property).


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have a valid passport, visa(If required) and vaccination card for the trip implementation. The name on the flight ticket must always match the given name in the passport. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide correct personal information upon registration. Any additional costs due to changes are paid by the customer. It is also the customer’s responsibility to immediately upon receiving the travel documents, verify that the content corresponds to what has been ordered and that the first, middle and last names are correct. Nordic Sea Angling AB undertakes no responsibility for the consequences that may arise due to incorrect or missing information.


As there may be changes in departure and arrival times on tickets issued, we recommend that the customer before arrival to the airport, double check current departure and check-in times. The customer must also double check changes of gates at the airport.


The times stated on the tickets and in the itinerary are always local times. Always double check the departure times in the travel documents. The customer should always contact Nordic Sea Angling if the times deviate from the original agreement upon booking.


The customer is responsible for having a valid passport for the trip. The passport should have a validity period that extends at least 6 months after the date of returning home. It is also the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they acquire Visa that may be required for the trip as well as having the vaccinations needed for the trip.


Nordic Sea Angling may undertake a transfer to another person for an administration fee and other costs such as a change of name on a flight tickets. In cases where it is not possible to change the name of the flight ticket, the customer cannot demand a refund for the flight ticket.


If the customer has not canceled the trip and / or fails to appear at the designated time and place for the departure or return journey, or if the customer cannot take part in or complete the trip due to missing travel documents, valid identification etc, Nordic Sea Angling has the right to credit themselves with the total price of the trip. If the customer fails to arrive to the booked transports, or in other ways fail to take part in activities that have been reserved, the customer cannot claim compensation for the unused activities.


Any complaints during the trip must be presented to the relevant airline company, bus company, hotel, fishing camp, representative of Nordic Sea Angling or other collaboration partner at the destination, within a reasonable time upon the discovery of an event or error that are not accordance to the program so we have every opportunity to immediately rectify any issue if possible with the least possible inconvenience to the customer. The customer shall have secure documentation of a filed complaints, if the error cannot be rectified on site and the customer later wants to claim compensation from Nordic Sea Angling. Lack of complaint and proof of this, means that the right to subsequent compensation is lost. Complaints regarding faults, which could not be resolved on site, must be submitted to Nordic Sea Angling within a reasonable time after coming home. If the complaint cannot be resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the customer has the right to turn to the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN, Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden) in Sweden.

Nordic Sea Angling AB adheres to the Swedish travel guarantee “Resegarantin, Kammarkollegiet”. Nordic Sea Angling undertake no responsibility for changes or delays due to breach of the agreements, flight strike or weather conditions that Nordic Sea Angling cannot influence. Nordic Sea Angling undertakes no responsibility for destroyed, stolen or lost luggage. Nordic Sea Angling cannot be held liable for compensation when authorities or local authorities change conditions after the trip is sold to the customer (e.g. if a fishing ban on one or more species is introduced).


Nordic Sea Angling AB reserves the right to cancel an arrangement based on illness, insufficient registration or other unforeseen events. In the event of cancellation, the entire amount paid, including deposit fee, will be refunded. Further claims for damages cannot be made against Nordic Sea Angling.