Rodrigues Island offers a varied fishing along the reefs, ground peaks and deep ledges next to the drop-off where you can do both jigging, trolling and live bait fishing. If the weather is really good you can also do topwater fishing with poppers and stickbaits. However, this is not a topwater destination, here we are focusing on jigging and trolling between the jigging spots. This jigging destination offer world class fishing! Here the biodiversity is tremendous and giant trevally, snapper, grouper and many more species patrol the reefs and ledges while the notorious dogtooth tuna can be found along the steep ledges next to the drop-off with other fast swimmers like wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish and marlin.

When fishing around the island, you depart daily from the harbor with the boat and decide in consultation with the captain what you wish to fish based on both your own wishes and prevailing weather conditions. This option is well suited for those who want a mixed fishing out of both trolling, jigging and also the possibility of popper fishing if the conditions indicate this and still have solid ground under their feet in the evening on a luxury hotel.

West Hawkins Bank

West Hawkins Bank is a large plateau located approx. 100 miles from Rodrigues Island. From several thousand meters dept this plateau extends up with peaks of approx. 40 meters under the surface. This place is virtually untouched and fishing pressure is non-existent from both commercial fishing and other sport fishing boats. The area is completely unique and the fishing is usually absolutely fantastic, not least in terms of the amount of fish as well as the chance to catch that trophy fish!

This is one of the best places in the world to hook up to a dogtooth tuna exceeding 50-100 kg, but to actually land them is much harder as these brutal fish can spool you in no-time… Here you will also find really big giant trevally, snappers, groupers, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sharks and many other exotic species.

The best fishing method is mainly speed jigging and trolling between the jigging spots. But I could be wise to have a popping rod rigged and ready in case you find bursting yellowfin tunas or other surface activities.

Trolling is also an important method out here to be able to locate active fish for the jigging, during these transports we usually are busy with fighting double to triple hook ups with yellowfin tunas and big wahoos but you also have good chances to catch both sailfish and marlin while trolling. However, this is not a place for everyone as external weather conditions can be pretty rough out here, but for those who can handle a rocking boat and love speed jigging for big fish with a chance to catch a real trophy fish, this is a real paradise!
During the transportation back and forth to the West Hawkins Bank you do some trolling for marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and dorado, making the 100-mile-long transport both exciting and enjoyable at the same time. By spending the night on the boat and being out on this legendary seamount, allows us to fish after sunset which is the best time of the day, when the dogtooth tuna has it’s most active period, which increases the chances even more to hook up to that dream fish!

The trips out to West Hawkins Bank start during the second day in the afternoon and you do trolling on the way out until the sun goes down and then the transport continues in the dark. Then we have 2-3 days of fishing before returning back to Rodrigues Island during the night and reaching the island the next morning. Then we have one last night at the hotel before returning home.

During a fishing trip, all fishing equipment (rod/reel/lines) for both trolling, livebait and speed jigging is included. Trolling lures are included but the other lures such as poppers, stickbaits, jigs and hooks, assist hooks, assist cord, circle hooks and braided line needs to be brought by each angler. If you want to try the topwater fishing, you have to bring your own equipment for this as it is not provided on site.

Of course, those who have their own jigging equipment can also bring this, but then you should keep in mind that since you are targeting big fish, you should also bring extra spools with braided line if the fish swim out over the sharp ledge or just empty your spool of line during the first initial run, which happen quite often here… Lures, jigs and hooks should be adapted for big fish and must be of the highest quality to have a chance to land one of those monsters that swims out here. We also offer fishing packages that are specially designed for fishing at this particular destination, read more under the tab “Shop”.

NOTE! The trips to West Hawkins Bank are not for everyone. The external conditions with big swells, waves and a rocking boat allow the seasickness to easily appear. The fishing is also tough and your muscles will be sore. This option is for the real enthusiast who wants to fight with the real giants no matter how sore your body will get!