Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island is the smallest island in the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean and is located about 560 kilometers east of Mauritius. The island was discovered by the Portuguese explorer Diego Rodrigues in the 16th century and got its name from him. This volcano island, relatively unknown to most, has an area of ​​190 km² and around 40,000 inhabitants.

With its location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the fishing pressure around the island is almost non-existent and the sea is completely bursting with life. The depth around the island extends rapidly from several thousand meters deep and up to the shallow reefs ,underwater rocks and sharp ledges that creates a biological sanctuary for the fish. Here you can find species such as giant trevally, groupers, snappers and dogtooth tuna. With the deep water so close to the island and its remote location makes this destination a paradise for the anglers pursuing their dream fish and especially for those who have the intention of landing a really big Dogtooth. The richness of the species is great here and the amount of fish in these waters may be among the best we have ever experienced! Around the island, both jigging and trolling is very good methods and allows for a varied fishing!