We have partnered up with one of the best operators on Madagascar who has the absolute best boats on the island, but also a great knowledge of the fishing and who takes safety very seriously.

The two boats are identical and are named Yin and Yang. The boats are center consoles with a length of 33 ft and are equipped with 2 x 250 HP outboard engines and fully adapted for fishing around Madagascar. With a well-increased width of 260 cm, there is plenty of room for 4 people and crew. The boats have a cruising speed of 28 kn and runs very stable in all weather conditions, which makes it possible to cover and explore large areas during a fishing day. This is the key to succeed in fishing in this region. In addition, they are equipped with new electronic instruments in the form of sonar, GPS, VHF radio and all necessary safety equipment. Each boat is run by a captain and accompanied by a deckhand for the best possible service to all guests on board.

At the very front of the bow there is a small raised surface to create a perfect casting deck. The rest of the casting deck in front of the pulpit is completely flat, with perfectly adapted edges for maximum mobility during fishing but still has a stable and safe gunwale to lean against. With a center console, you have full mobility around the entire boat while you fight a fish and can easily maneuver without any problems.

During transportation from the catamaran as well as between the fishing spots, you can comfortably sit back in the padded seats of the boat and enjoy the boat ride in a comfortable way.

On the roof and on the side of the consol, there are rod holders to create as much open space as possible during fishing and because the fishing methods varied, there are often quite a few rods on board. The boat is equipped with a cooler with ice to store drinks, fruit and lunch cool during the day.