La Gomera has a very pleasant climate with an average air temperature around 18-26 degrees celsius during the season. From February to April, the average air temperature is around 21-22 degrees during day time and around 15-16 degrees during evening. At this time of the year,  the wind is normally coming in from the northeast. The town San Sebastián is located on the leeward side of the island and this is where the boat is located, the fishing will also be on the leeward side of the island.

During the summer season from May to October the average air temperature is around 23-26 degrees during day time and around 17-18 degrees during the evening. The weather in general is more stable during the summer time with less wind and higher temperature.

La Gomera is a green and lush island with a lot of vegetation. You will find the biggest national park in the shadows of the big mountain Garajonay. The mountain is creating a big misty area where the vegetation will flourish from the high humidity. You can hike on small trails leading through the mountain side of this jungle and experience the amazing view. The temperature can differ here by more than 10 degrees compared to the sea level.

The weather phenomenon “Calima” occurs on average three times per year and is a warm wind from Africa which brings a lot of dust from the Sahara desert. This phenomenon can last for several days up to one week. Usually this will result in extreme high temperature and bad visibility due to all the small sand particles in the air.