The journey to Indonesia and out to Rote Island starts in Scandinavia (or from the desired departure point) and goes via Qatar, continuing to Bali where we spend a night at a hotel, both on the way there and on the journey back. The following day on the outbound, we take the flight from Bali to Rote (about 2 hours 30 min after transfer in Kupang). We have chosen to take this overnight stay in Bali to make the trip more comfortable and to enhance the overall experience. When you arrive in Bali, we’ll take you to a hotel near the airport where we rest until the day after, when the last flight to Rote Island departs. Once on Rote Island, a transport awaits us, which takes us to the lodge where we have plenty of time to set up for the next day of fishing and relax before all the action starts.

We can assist you to book your tickets for a small fee. If you want to book the flight yourself, you have to double check with us before so we can plan the trip as smoothly as possible for all guests on the trip.

If you want to stay an extra day before or after your trip to experience more of Rote Island or Indonesia, please contact us and we will help you out!

Rote Island is located in the time zone GMT + 8.