Indonesia – Rote Island

Indonesia is a well known destination among tourists around the world with stunning scenery, magnificent nature, rich and diverse wildlife and crystal clear water around the surrounding coral reefs. What many people do not know is that the fishing here is absolutely world class if you know where to go, especially if you like topwater fishing and jigging. Indonesia is huge and has countless of possibilities, but we have found a place that stands out from the rest, the Rote Island!

Rote Island is a part of the ”Coral Triangle” which is one of the most important biological areas for marine wildlife in the world. The fact that fishing right here is top class is not something that surprises us, due to its location and richness of wildlife. Rote Island is also part of the world’s highest priority conservation areas and is called the “Amazon of the Sea” because of its richness in biodiversity. With its location as far down south in Indonesia that you basically can come with the entire Indian Ocean along its southern coast, the possibilities for fishing areas are endless- Not only is the fishing really good here, but this is also a destination where surfers, divers and yoga enthusiasts go to experience the fantastic environment of Rote island – There is really something for everyone here!

We got introduced to this destination by a very talented fisherman who has travelled around the world to find untouched places like this one that stands out from the rest. During their trip they had a great success for big Giant Trevally with an average size around 20 kg, but also caught a number of fish that were significantly larger than that. The area has an enormous potential for many other species such as dogtooth tuna, groupers, snappers and much more if you bring your jigging rod with you.

After being in contact with the local operator, we quickly found out that this is truly a destination that will suit many of our customers . Travel with your enthusiastic fishing friends on a fantastic fishing trip, or make a dream trip with your better half and experience the fishing in a fabulous environment together.

The accommodation is top class with fantastic sea views, swimming pool and dining experiences beyond the ordinary! All rooms have air conditioning and the service on the lodge is just superb! The lodge also offers activities such as surfing, yoga classes, kayaking and much more if you want other activities than just fishing, a perfect alternative if your better half wants to experience Indonesia’s magical nature.