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If you are a group of people that wish to travel together, you are welcome to contact us to find a suitable date. If you are a smaller group or a single angler, we recommend you to join one of our trips with an experienced tour leader from us. You will find the booking schedule at the bottom of this page where you also can see the available weeks.

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Trips with tour guides
2023-10-18 - 2023-10-25
5 days fishing
Tour leader Douglas Dahlberg
Price: 3090 Euro + air ticket/person (with 4 people + tour guide)
Vacancies: 2
Rodrigues Island
2023-11-04 - 2023-11-13
1 day fishing around the island (about 10 hours)
89 hour tour to West Hawkins Banks
Tour leader Erik Axner
Price: 3290 Euro + air ticket/person (with 4 people + tour guide)
Booked up
2023-11-15 - 2023-11-23
5 days fishing
Tour leader from TSA
Price: 3270 Euro + air ticket/person (with 7 people + tour guide)
Vacancies: 6
Trips without tour guides
2023-11-22 - 2023-12-01
6 days fishing
Without tour leader
Price: 3160 Euro+ air ticket/person (with 4 people)
Booked up