The flight to the Andaman Islands can be booked through several major airlines, flying from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen via Dubai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and other major international airports. If you choose to fly via Delhi, you will spend an overnight stay before traveling on a domestic flight to Port Blair. On the return trip you also spend the night in Delhi before flying on to Scandinavia. This option results in an extra day on the trip, but you avoid long waiting times at the airport in India that you otherwise get when choosing a flight route via Kolkata or Chennai.

The option of an overnight stay in Delhi, is ideal for those who wish for a more comfortable journey and can be arranged upon request.

We can assist you to book your flight tickets for a small fee. If you want to book a flight yourself then you have to double check with us, so we can plan the trip as smooth as possible for all guest on the trip.

The Andaman are in the GMT + 5:30 time zone.

To go to the Andaman Islands, who belong to India, you have to apply for an E-visa. This is done online in advance after booking flight tickets. Upon first arrival in India, you must pass through the immigration control. When you arrive in Port Blair there will be a shuttle bus waiting for your arrival that will take you to the hotel.

The currency in the country is Indian Rupee and is easily exchanged at the airport in either Delhi, Kolkata or Chennai. Euro can also be used for the tip to the crew on the boat.