Topwater fishing with popper and stickbaits is the most popular and usually the most practiced method around the Andaman Islands. The fishing areas are very diverse with great variety and strong currents which creates ideal conditions for world class topwater fishing. Along these structures and plateaus are abundant stocks of giant trevallies but also plenty of snappers, jobfish, dogtooth tuna, barracudas, groupers and much more. The closer you get to the drop-off the more chances you get to catch pelagic fish like dogtooth tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, dorado, yellowfin tuna and occasionally also black marlin!

In addition to fantastic topwater fishing, the Andaman islands also offer exceptional jigging along the deeper ledges off the islands. Speed jigging is a great method to come in contact with species such as the dogtooth tuna, rusty jobfish, rainbow runner, groupers, GT and yellowfin tuna. If you also want to try some light tackle, as a variation to the energy-draining speed jigging or simply to direct your fishing towards more species, slow jigging is an excellent alternative, not least on slightly shallower water with lighter jigs. A fishing method we highly recommend that is not only fun but really effective too!

The fishing season extends from October – May with excellent fishing for GT throughout the season. Most of the other species can be caught during this time as well. However, the yellowfin tuna migrate close to the islands in big numbers during March – May.