The Boat

In order to be effective during your fishing trip you need a speedboat that can cover big areas without losing time and our partner has taken this in consideration. The boat is perfectly adapted for topwater fishing with a large casting deck where you can easily do fishing with popper and stickbait. This is also suitable for speed jigging, with its length that provides good space along the gunwale, which is also at the right height to provide good stability for the knees. With a cabin on board, you can always seek shade if the sun gets too strong. Drinks and water are available on the boat and are stored in a cooler. The boat, which is 38 feet in length, twin 250 hp outboard engines and with its large surfaces, it is an absolutely perfect fishing machine for tropical fishing. The captain and deckhand has many years of fishing experience around the Andaman Islands which will ensure the best possible outcome of your trip! Lean back and enjoy the ride, these guys will put you on the fish!