Tropical Sea Angling can proudly present our new and first Big Game destination in our program. La Gomera is a small island located west from Tenerife, Canary Islands. This will be a destination where you can have a relativt short journey from Europe and still be able to catch gigant bluefin tunas and blue marlins.

Our tour leader Johan Mikkelsen worked there for 2 years and have many big fish stories from this place. He describe La Gomera as the hidden gem that has world class fishing for giant bluefin tuna and blue marlin. We have seen the pictures and we can only say – ”WOW, let’s do this!”

The boat is the famous Hatteras 38ft Sportfisher also known as the Bocinegro II.

Powered by twin engines MAN Diesel á 450 hp and fully equipped with a ”tuna-tower” and outriggers. The perfect boat for Big Game fishing!

Bluefin tuna season is from Feb-May with best chances to encounter these giants in March-April.

Blue marlin season is from May-October where most of the giants are caught in the beginning and the end of the season. However, we recommend to go there between June-August if you want to increase your chances to catch one. This is the time where there is bigger numbers of marlins in the area and the average size is around 400-600 lbs. Many granders has been caught here as well, which is a fish exceeding the 1000 lbs mark. However, these days fish are being released, but they still catch fish in these giant sizes, so are you ready for it?

Except from these giants you will also have a good chance in catching bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna, white marlin, spearfish, albacore, mahi mahi, wahoo and other species of fish.

We have open up following date with tour leader:

2023-03-18 – 2023-03-23
4 days fishing
Tour leader Johan Mikkelsen
Price: 1990 Euro + air ticket/person (with 4 persons + tour leader)
Vacancies: 4

If you rather go during another time or without a tour leader. Contact us and we will find a date that suits you. We can also change number of fishing days so just contact us for further information or read more on our homepage.

Welcome to La Gomera 2023!

//Tropical Sea Angling