NEW – The remote island of Indonesia – Rote Island!

We are happy to introduce you to a NEW exciting destination in our Tropical Sea Angling program – The Rote Island of Indonesia!

We discovered this destination through some skilled saltwater anglers that highly recommended this destination to us. After hearing the stories, that they had never experienced any destination with such a high average weight of the giant trevally, we were already hooked! They were talking about fish from 15-25 kg in average and of course they caught some giants as well. After this exciting report we needed to know more.

We researched the area and came in contact with their director, that explained how good the fishing is over there and what an amazing lodge they have to offer. We got photos and videos that confirmed this and we can now finally say that this is a destination worth visiting for all types of clients.

The area offers a great variety of fishing grounds with islands surrounded by reefs to offshore banks that offers excellent topwater fishing. There are also many steep drop-offs where the opportunities for jigging is fantastic. On these drop-offs, the highly attractive dogtooth tuna can be found and offers experiences that is hard to beat with the powerful runs and extremely aggressive takes. On the banks and the ledges of the reefs, a large diversity of fish such as snappers, grouper, jacks, coral trouts, kingfish and many more can be caught using both topwater tackle, standard jigging setups and especially slow jigging which can be highly efficient for most kind of fish.

The blue water outside the reefs and drop-offs holds many pelagic species such as sailfish, marlin, tuna, dorado and wahoo which can be trolled for those who want a break from the topwater fishing and the jigging. It’s all up to you, as a customer, what you want to do during your trip to Rote Island, the possibilities are there and the variation is great for all type of anglers.

The amazing lodge at Rote Island offer comfort of the highest rank, superb service and an amazing view over the Indian Ocean. All rooms are equipped with air condition and you will be served excellent food during your stay.

As we said before, we offer the “no risk booking system” in this “COVID-19” situation, which means that the first deposit needs to be paid first when we have confirmed that the trip will continue as planned. In other words, you can book now but pay later! No risk for you as a customer and we can see the interest and continue to plan new trips.

Therefore we have set up two trips to this destination 2021.
Our first trip to Rote Island will be at 12 – 23 Sept 2021, 6 fishing days and 7 nights at their luxury lodge Villa Oenggaut at the beach of Nembrala.

The second one will be at 22 Nov – 3 Dec 2021, 6 fishing days and 7 nights at there luxury lodge Villa Oenggaut at the beach of Nembrala.

The price is 2790 EUR/person + flights, based on 4 clients + tour leader. Fishing from the 33ft Blackwatch. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Beverages, soft drink and water included. Alcohol drinks is available to additional costs.

Day 1 – Departure Scandinavia (or airport of your choice).
Flight via Qatar (Doha) – Bali (Denpasar)
Day 2 – Hotel night in Bali
Day 3 – Domestic flight Bali (Denpasar) via Kupang – Rote.
Day 4-9 – Fishing around Rote Island
Day 10 – Domestic flight Rote via Kupang – Bali (Denpasar). Hotel night in Bali.
Day 11 – Departure from Bali.
Flight via Qatar (Doha) – Scandinavia (or airport of your choice)

If you want to be one of the first to try this destination with us, make sure to contact us now to reserve a spot for 2021. More information will be published on our webpage in the nearest future. If you can’t wait, which is fully understandable, you are more than welcome to send us an email or give us a call.